For our Bakersfield and Ventura customers, we know that contacting a bug and pest control company for the first pest control inspection can be a little overwhelming for some. That’s why we at Hubble would like to give you an overview of what you can expect from our first pest control visit to your home or business.

It is also important to note that a pest inspection is different than a termite inspection, and that they are done separately. In addition, inspecting for termites and inspecting for pests requires two different licenses. So, it is always a good idea to ask your pest control company what licenses they carry.


Exterior Inspectionpest inspection

The first thing we will do upon arriving at your location is to do an exterior examination. We will walk the perimeter of your home or building and inspect for:

  • Signs of bugs, including wasp nests and insect tubes
  • Points of entry for insects and rodents to enter your home
  • Signs of Termites and mud tubes
  • Anything that will attract unwanted bugs, such as standing water

Next, we will remove any wasp nests, spider webs and other marks of insects from the outside of your home. We will show you any signs of damage from pests and discuss our plan to control the issue. During this part of the inspection, we will walk the perimeter of your house with you and explain our findings. It is very important that we spend this time educating our customers on what they can do to make the location undesirable for pests, and what steps can be taken to remedy or prevent a pest issue.


pest inspectionInterior Inspection

After our exterior examination, we will inspect the inside of your home or office. This inspection is similar to our exterior inspection, in that we are looking for:

  • Signs of pests inside your home, such as fecal matter, dead bugs, and markings on windowsills.
  • Points of entry via cracks, windows, and cracks under doors
  • Anything that will attract unwanted bugs

While completing our interior pest control inspection, we will also ask you a series of questions to learn about any pests you have seen indoors and where to help identify any other potential problems.


Treatment Options

At this time, we will also discuss our treatment plans, including treatment types, and frequency of visits. We will also learn more about you and your family, and whether you have children and/or pets, so that we can suggest the best form of treatment for your situation. Based on this discussion, we will then be able to give you an estimated cost of what your treatment plan will be.

Then we will treat the inside and outside of your space, based on our discussion and the treatment plan you select. After that, we’ll come back every other month to treat the outside of your home. During these visits we will also remove any items such as wasp nests, spider webs, and insect tubes located on your home or office building.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

Plus, since we guarantee satisfaction, you can rest assured that we will do the best job possible for you. In addition, we offer free limited home pest control company inspections and termite inspections, along with discounts for senior citizens. So, now that you know what to expect from a Hubble Termite pest control company inspection, give us a call!



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