HUBBLE TERMITE – A Pest Control Company

About US Hubble Termite

Hubble Termite is a pest control company of Bakersfield and Ventura.  We are a family owned business that started in the construction industry over thirty years ago.  During that time we have seen how all types of pests have caused tremendous damage to anything constructed of wood.  A little over ten years ago we decided to enter into the termite and pest control industry.  Now we are able to identify any type of wood destroying pests.  More importantly we know how to resolve these pest infestation issues fast and safely.

There are many companies that go into this type of business with lots of skill to do the work, but they do not have the customer relations skill to keep their customers happy.  That is where Hubble Termite is different.  Our core values include integrity, dependability, fair pricing, and respect at all times.  We treat our customers as if they were part of our family.  We want to help them to be free of pests and to do so in a very safe manner with as little disruption as possible.  In fact we guarantee satisfaction.

If you are a visitor to this website, we invite you to try our service and become part of the Hubble family.  Whether you have a home or a commercial building we have the skill and customer care that is right for you.

We are a proud member of the PCOC, Pest Control Operators of California.  Pest Control Operators of California is a non-profit trade association that has served the business and educational needs of pest control operators for over 60 years.  PCOC keeps members up-to-date on new materials, procedures, laws and precautions — and also works closely with the state’s Structural Pest Control Board and Department of Pesticide Regulation to help shape regulations that protect the credibility of our industry and the safety of our customers.

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