Pitter-Patter… What’s that Noise in My Attic?

While the title of this blog post might make for a good children’s story or even campfire story, the truth about what might be lurking in your attic could be very frightening, not to mention dangerous. If you hear noises in your attic at night, there’s a very good chance that you have some type of pest rattling around up there rather than Casper or some other friendly ghost! You can hear a number of different types of sounds coming from the attic. The type of creature tramping around your attic differs depending on what you hear and how frequently you hear it. Let’s look at some of the common sounds.

Nighttime Sound in the Attic

Certain types of creatures tend to be more active at night. Because they are more active, it means that you will hear them in your attic as they move around. If you hear loud thumping, chances are that it is some type of larger animal up there. It could be a raccoon or a possum, for example. They have relatively heavy bodies, and as they move around they may make some noise.

Scratching sounds, while they could be from raccoons and possums, could also be from other, smaller pests. Mice and rats also tend to be more active in the nighttime hours, and you can often hear them scurrying along the attic and even in the walls. If you hear something that sounds like a vocalization of some sort at night, it could be a raccoon. Other creatures can make sounds, such as bats, but the larger animals are often much easier to hear.

Some of the other types of creatures that could live in your attic, even though they may not make any nighttime sounds, include birds, squirrels, and snakes.

Just because you hear one of these sounds, it does not necessarily mean that you have one of these types of critters up in the attic. It could be any number of other animals in the Bakersfield area. Some are more active in the day and some are more active at night. What it does mean is that you should get in touch with a pest control company as soon as possible.

What Should You Do?

First, let’s cover what you should not do. Do not attempt to remove a wild animal on your own. They can be dangerous, and when they are in fear – as they will be when you approach them – they can bite or claw you. You want to let the experts handle the inspection and the removal of any type of pest on your property. It is safer for you, as well as for the animal in question, when you let the experts handle it. Let the experts come to your house and make the determination of what errant little creature decided to make a home on your property.

Once the creature is out of the property, make sure you take measures to prevent any other animals from making their way into your attic. A good Bakersfield pest control company will not only get rid of the pest. They will also close the most likely entryway to your attic.

One pest control company located in Bakersfield and Ventura County that can handle pest control in your attic and patching up potential entry points for pests is Hubble Termite.

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