Preventing Dry Rot

No one likes nasty surprises that lead to spending money on expensive repairs. However, experienced homeowners know that it is just part of being a property owner. One of those issues that can be quite expensive, is dry rot. The cost of dry rot repair can be quite small or astronomical depending on how extensive is the damage. In some cases, where the dry rot is severe, the entire home or commercial building might be beyond repair. No one likes to think about this happening, but it is a frightening possibility.

Dry rot in wood is caused by moisture and fungi which basically makes the wood hollow. Termites also work in a similar way in that they eat the wood and make tunnels in the wood. Whether you are dealing with dry rot or termites you will need help to deal with the aftermath and the damage. Of course, the best way to deal with the problem is by taking preventative action before it ever happens. Take the following tips and implement them right now as a means to prevent dry rot in your own home or commercial building.

Tips for Preventing Dry Rot in wood

One of the best and easiest tips is to make sure that you have your wood sealed properly. Having a good coat of paint on areas of the wood exposed to direct weather helps to prevent moisture from getting into the wood and starting the rot. Make sure there is no area in your home where water settles onto any wood and stands. These water traps are trouble. Be sure the home has plenty of ventilation, as well, to help ensure any moist areas are able to dry. Allowing for airflow can make a real difference. For example, make sure the wood does not have direct contact with the ground, including cement and masonry work.

Another option, if you are just now building, is to use rot resistant wood. Some good options include teak, red cedar, and cypress. However, many people already have a home, and they have to deal with the wood that was used to build it.

It is also a good idea to inspect your home from time to time, so you can look for signs of dry rot, as well as signs of termite infestation. Termites can damage wood quickly, so an inspection at least once a year is a good idea. Since most people are not experts when it comes to termites, make sure you have a professional who can come to the property and complete the inspection for you. They will let you know if you do have a termite problem as well as what you can do about that problem to help save your home from further damage.

Even though you might spend money now on dealing with a termite problem and making sure the wood in your house is not subject to rotting, it is less than what you would pay if a significant portion of your home was affected by dry rot. The price of preventative maintenance is an investment you should certainly be willing to make.

Fortunately for our customers at Hubble Termite we are Bakersfield and Camarillo experts at dry rot repair and termite damage. Our long term experience happens to be in construction, so we know wood and what to do if repair is required.

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