We are pleased to announce that Hubble Termite will be publishing a blog every month for the benefit of our customers and website visitors.

Why are we doing a blog?  

First of all we believe our customers and visitors deserve to be educated and to get their questions answered about pests in their home or business.  We have been working in the home pest control industry for a long time and we know bugs and critters.  We also have enough pest control experience in Bakersfield to be able to predict what the next season will bring in terms of those bugs and critters.

What will we talk about?

We want to answer questions that are common in our community about pests.  We have stories and we have facts and we are up to date on the latest methods of getting rid of pests.  Many of our articles will help you learn about how and why those pests come around.  They could also help you be pest free and some will save you money as those pests will not be around to damage your property.

What about feedback?

This will also be a forum for visitors to comment about our blog articles.  Ask questions.  Offer your own remedies and let us know what other topics you would like us to discuss.  Our blog has a place where you can offer your comments.  Just fill in the comment section and we will publish it as long as it does not use violate our usage policy. We will try to answer most questions by topic, but if we have several similar questions we will do it with one post.

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